15 Purr-Fect Cat Puns For Cat Lovers

15 Purr-Fect Cat Puns For Cat Lovers

Cat lovers and cat puns go together like cats and boxes! If you're looking for some cat pun inspiration, we've compiled a list of 15 funny cat puns that will get you purring with laughter! Whether you're looking for a funny cat themed gift message or card greetings, these cute can puns are sure to be a hit!

1. Happy Purr-Day 🎂

Wish a happy birthday with a twist! This "Happy Purr-Day" greeting will please any cat lover!

2. Thanks From The Bottom Of My Nine Lives! 🐱

A "Thank You" card gets a funny update with this sweet cat pun! Nothing shows more gratitude than "Thanks From The Bottom Of My Nine Lives"!

3. Thanks To Mew, I'm Now Feline Fine 😺

Say "Thanks" the cat lover's way with this funny cat pun! Cute and memorable, it makes for a fun and thoughtful message.

4. Wishing You A Purr-Fect Day 🌞

Wondering what to write in a cat lover's birthday card? How about "Wishing You A Purr-Fect Day"! This sweet message is sure to make them smile!

5. Meowy Christmas 🎅

Add a cat themed note to your holiday cards with this "Meowy Christmas" cat pun! Perfect for this year's family Christmas cards!

6. You're My Best Fur-End 🐱

Show your cat lover friend that you get their obsession with cats! This cute cat pun makes for a unique greeting card message.

7. You're Hiss-Terical! 😸

Making a compliment is so much better when you get to use a cat pun! And this one is sure to make your cat lover friend laugh!

8. You're Just Paw-Some 😻

Cat lovers are paw-some people! Show them that you're fluent in the feline lingo with this "You're Just Paw-Some" cat pun!

9. I'll Love You Fur-Ever! 💞

Soulmates Fur-Ever! Nothing says true love like sharing your loved one's passion, be it cats or cupcakes!

10. We Go Together Like Toast And AvoCATo! 💕

If you and your friend are thick as thieves, this cat pun is an instant crowd pleaser!

11. It's Always 5 O'Clock Somewhere - Get Me A Meow-Tini! 🍸

It's always the purr-fect time to have a meow-tini! This funny cat pun works great for handmade greeting cards and DIY home decor signs!

12. Get Your Thinking Cat On 🐈

When it's time to focus and get to work, you'll need your thinking cat on! A great motivational cat pun!

13. Purr-Haps You'd Like To Cuddle Later? 😺

For a sweet note that will melt the heart of any cat lover, use this witty cuddles cat pun!

14. Me Without You Would Be A Cat-Astrophe! 😹

Me without you - I don't think so! This funny cat pun is made for inseparable friends!

15. Never Fur-Get How Paw-Some You Are! ❤️

Whenever your loved one needs a self-esteem boost, use this hilarious cat pun to help them keep their confidence!

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