5 Funny Cats Drinking Water From Glasses

5 Funny Cats Drinking Water From Glasses

Does your cat drink water from a glass rather than a bowl? If so, you're not alone! Plenty of cats prefer drinking water from glasses instead of bowls. The reasons for this peculiar behavior are quite logical and understandable. Water in glasses may be cooler or more fresh, making it superior to bowl water in your cat's mind. The cat's water bowl may be located near the cat's food or in a place that leaves you cat feeling vulnerable and not protected, while water glasses tend to be placed on counter tops or higher surfaces. Finally, cats are curious creatures so of course they want to check out the contents of your favorite cup! In any case, this behavior makes for a lot of funny pictures and videos. So go ahead and check out our compilation of 5 funny cats drinking water from glasses!

1. When The Glass Is Half Empty

cat drinks from glass from r/videos

Whether you see this glass as half-full or half-empty, here's no doubt that this white cat is struggling to get to the water. Luckily, the resourceful feline tries using her paw and, after sampling the water, decides that it's worth sticking her entire head in the glass.

2. Sometimes You Get Stuck

My cat trying to drink from a cup from r/cats


Sometimes things just don't work out the way you hoped for. Like this cat, who got her head stuck in a plastic cup after trying to drink from it. Maybe next time, kitty cat! 

3. Fancy Glass for a Fancy Cat

My cat only drinks milk from a wine glass. from r/aww


Glasses of water are great and all but how about having your favorite cocktail served in a fancy glass? This curios cat definitely knows how to party! She loves sipping on milk from a wine glass!

4. Getting The Last Bits

just my cat drinking from a pint glass. from r/pics

This cute cat is  quitter! He'll get to  bottom of this cup even if it means getting stuck in the meantime! Got to get these last drops of water!

5. Dealing With A Narrow Glass

Just a video of my awesome cat trying to drink from a glass. from r/videos

What do you do when your human has picked a tall and narrow glass of water? You give them a dirty look and keep on drinking their water! You might end up spilling it all over their laptop, but hey, it's totally their fault!

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