5 Cat Furniture Must-Haves for Happy Cats

useful cat furniture

If you are wondering what your cat’s dream crib looks like, it definitely contains these 5 cat furniture must-haves! The best part is that this useful cat furniture is also very affordable and for sale on Amazon.

  1. Cat radiator bed

The cat radiator bed allows you to keep your feline warm and relaxed at the same time. Even if you don’t have radiators, you can still hang I on your stairs railings and allow your cat to enjoy a neat new hiding spot.

  1. Cat water fountain

My cats are very suspicious of their water bowls and run towards the kitchen whenever I am washing dishes! To avoid crowding in the kitchen, we go this water fountain. The cats love it and drink from it all the time!

  1. The ripple rug

Save your carpets from your cats with this cat furniture idea. The cats love hiding in the tunnels and playing with each other!

  1. Cat climbing shelves

If your cat is a climber, she will love having some climbing shelves! It seems like most options in the pet stores are quite pricy. Instead of buying designated cat shelves, you can just buy some shelves from IKEA and glue manila rope on them for scratching. This will save you quite a bit of money while keeping the kitty cats happy.

  1. Cat castle

One of the most popular cat furniture must-haves, the cat castle is essential for your cat’s regular exercise routine. Keep in mind that trying to save money on this furniture may backfire. The first cat castle we got was very cheap and, of course, very unstable. Our cat only used it for about a month before the whole thing collapsed. The cat got so scared that it never came near it again. Instead of buying a cheap one, I suggest getting something nice that will last longer and will actually work. Expect to spend at least $100 on this purchase. You can find cat castles in a lot of discount stores, though, and avoid the sticker shock at major pet store chains.

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