5 Distinct Cat Lover Traits

traits of cat lovers

We often hear about cat people vs dog people, but are they really that different? Cat lovers do share some common traits that are not as common in dog lovers. Here is a list of 5 distinct cat lover traits.

  1. Cat lovers are more introvert

Compared to dog lovers, cat people tend to be more introvert. This, of course, is naturally reflected in their choice of pet. Compared to cats, dogs tend to be more lively and energetic, and these traits are often seen in their owners. Just like their pets, cat people tend to be more solitary and are more likely to live alone than dog owners. People that have dogs take them regularly on walks and often interact with other dog owners during these walks. Cat lovers, on the other hand, enjoy lazy mornings and petting their furry friends on the couch.

  1. Cat lovers seek affection from their pets

While dog owners look for companionship, cat owners are more likely to seek affection from their pets. Cat lovers appreciate their pet’s independence and self-sufficiency, and do not seek constant interaction. Brief but regular signs of affection is what they look for in a pet.

  1. Cat lovers tend to be non-conformists

A study that surveyed college students found that those who identify as cat lovers were less likely to follow rules and conform. This trait is again reflected in the choice of pet, as cats are notoriously famous for ignoring orders and calls, and doing what they want instead.

  1. Cat lovers are open-minded

The same study found that those who considered themselves cat lovers are more likely to be intellectually curious and open-minded. You have to keep an open mind when you have an animal that disobeys you 80% of the time (the other 20% is just pure luck)!

  1. Cat lovers see their cats as equal

The dynamics between a cat owner and his cat is very different from the relationship between a dog and a dog owner. Cat people usually give up any ambition to train their cats or be the “dominant cat” within the first couple of months of having a cat. They accept that cats have a mind of their own and leave them be. Cats are treated by their owners as equal rather than as a participant in a straight forward alpha-beta relationship.

These traits, of course, generalize all dog and cat owners. However, we tend to select pets that match our personalities and lifestyle. These 5 distinct cat lover traits reflect the differences between cats and other popular pets, so it’s only natural that the distinctions will also be present in their owners’ characters.

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