5 Easy to Make Cat Nail Designs

Cat nail art is a classy and subtle way to express the cat lady in you! Check out our 5 easy to make cat nail designs that you can try at home on your own!

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To make these cute cat nail designs you will need black and white nail polish, a thin brush (from a nail polish or for painting, doesn’t matter), and a dot tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool you can also use the tip of a pin.

First, apply a coat or two of black or white nail polish on your nails. Then, make stripes and dots on some of the nails using the dotting tool and the thin brush. Finally, use the small paint brush to paint a fish bone and a cat face with whiskers.

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For this design, we will also be using white and black nail polish as a base color.

Once you have the base color applied, use a thin brush to draw the back silhouette of a cat. Start by drawing a half circle for the body and then adding a cute and thin curled up tail. You can use a thin brush and a golden nail polish to make a cute bowl at the beginning of the tail.

Next, draw another semi-circle on another nail. Use a thin brush to draw pointy years right above the semi-circle. Finally, use a pin or a dotting tool to draw the cat paws.

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If you are looking for something less flashy, try this abstract cat nail design. You will need a beige or neutral color as a base. Then, use a thin brush and black nail polish to outline the abstract cat face. If you have a steady hand, you can also use the thin nail polish to draw a heart or to write “Meow” on some of the nails.

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This cat nail art also uses a neutral color as a base. To paint the cat face, use a thin nail polish brush and black nail polish. Start by making two triangles near your cuticles – these will be the ears of the kitty cat. Next, draw the whiskers by making three short lines on each side of your nail. Draw two small dots for eyes and a small upside-down triangle for the nose.

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Finally, the easiest one of these cat nail designs is drawing cat paw prints. Use black or white nail polish and a dotting tool to draw the paw prints. You will need one larger dot for the main paw cushion and three smaller dots around its top.

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