5 Funny Cat Superstitions Around the World

When it comes to superstitions, cats seem to be an endless source of inspiration. Almost every culture features cats in its mythology and beliefs. Cats bring good luck, bad luck, money, good health, bad health, the list seems endless. One thing is for certain - humans have been enchanted with these gracious felines for a long time! Here's a list of 5 funny cat superstitions from around the world that you wouldn't expect existed!

1. Cats Were Considered Gods In Egypt

Bastet Goddess

If your cat acts like a royal, there's a valid reason for this. After all, in ancient Egypt cats were considered gods. So your purrfect feline is just holding on to her divine roots! Cats held a special place in Egyptian mythology. The cat goddess Bastet is represented as a woman with a cat's head and was one of the most important Egyptian deities. She was believed to bring good fortune to people who housed cats and for good reason - cats kept the rat population in ancient Egypt in check, keeping food supplies safe and reducing risk of contagious diseases spread by rodents.

2. Cats Bring Good Luck In Japan

The Beckoning Cat

Say hello to the "waving cat"! This welcoming cat is called Maneki-neko, or "the beckoning cat". It is believed to bring good luck. Beckoning cat figurines can be seen in restaurant, shops and other businesses. Some historians believe that the notion that they bring good luck comes from the Japanese belief that a cat washing her face means that a visitor will soon arrive. In other words, customers are about to enter the business venue! Ka-ching!

3. Lucky Sneezing Cat

Sneezing Cat

In Italy, a sneezing cat was believed to bring good luck to anyone who hears it. In particular, a sneezing cat means good fortune and money will come your way! Bring out the oranges and wait for the sneeze!

4. Good Luck Black Cat

Good Luck Black Cat

Black cats have a bad rep in many cultures but not among the Pennsylvania Dutch. They believed that if a black cat wanders into your home it's actually a sign of good fortune coming your way! We're so glad that these beautiful cats are appreciated!

5. Ghosts and Purring

Purring Cat

In Ireland, people believed that a purring cat means that there's a ghost in the room. Well, if this is the case, then we must live in a haunted house with all the purring around!

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