5 Tips for Surviving Christmas with a Cat

how to survive christmas with a cat

Every year around the holidays cat owners brace themselves for the inevitable mess of broken ornaments and knocked down Christmas trees that is about to follow. Surviving Christmas with a cat can be tricky, especially if you are having people over or if your cat is a fur ball full of energy. These 5 tips will help you cat-proof your Christmas and enjoy a more peaceful holiday season!

  1. Plastic Ornaments Only

Christmas ornaments are like catnip for cats. They are shiny, they move, and are just the right prey size. If you have a cat, opt for plastic ornaments instead of glass ones. This will help you avoid any cuts and emergency room visits over the holidays!

  1. Scents around the Christmas Tree

Cats have very sensitive noses and stay away from strong smells. Spraying your Christmas tree with fabric freshener or placing an air freshener nearby will help stop your cat from climbing tree.

  1. Put Food Away

Last Christmas we woke up to find sugar cookies all over our living room floor. You may be tempted to leave some food out during the holidays. If you have an always-hungry kitty, don’t! Keep in mind that leaving tempting treats around the house will only entice your cat to jump on tables and counter tops and have something of whatever you’re having.

  1. Keep Your Cat Active

Reduce the risk of tree climbing and ornament hunting by keeping your cat occupied. The holidays are the perfect time to invest in some interactive cat toys that will keep the cat’s energy level in check.

  1. Stick to Your Cat’s Routine

During the holidays, your cat may feel overwhelmed by all the people coming to visit. Make sure you stick to its routine. Cats are creatures of habit, so try to maintain regular eating times. Also, if you are expecting people over, provide plenty of quiet hiding places for your cat. This will allow her to escape the commotion if it gets too loud and crowded for kitty kins.

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