6 Best Toys for Playful Cats

cat toys

Energetic cats are a lot of fun and make for some of the best pet videos out there! However, they can also be quite overwhelming to their owners, especially after a long day at work! If your cat is running around acting crazy at night, she probably just needs a bit more exercise. These toys for playful cats will keep your furry friend busy, while you relax on the couch!

1. Cat Play Tunnel

Cat Play Tunnel

Cat Play Tunnel, $28; Sold by Purrs And Whiskers

What do cats love most? Boxes, paper and hideaways! This cat play tunnel combines all of their favorite things. In addition to some quality play time, this cat toy also allows your cat to retreat in a quiet spot and rest as she pleases. It was a lifesaver for our older cat when we brought a new kitten in the house. He would play and hide in the tunnel, escaping the active new member of our family when he needed to get some rest.

2. Cat Carpet Toy

Cat Carpet Toy

Cat Carpet Toy, $28; Sold by Purrs And Whiskers

Does your cat pounce on your bedding whenever you move? Is she fascinated by rugs and carpets? If yes, then she will love this cat carpet toy! This smart cat toy satisfies your pet's desire to hunt and hide. It crinkles, rustles and moves as your cat pounces on it. A great way to keep your pet entertained for hours, it taps into your cat's natural hunter instincts and keeps her active.

3. Wiggly Ball Cat Toy

Wiggly Ball Cat Toy

Wiggly Ball Cat Toy, $7.50; Sold by Purrs And Whiskers

Who said dogs have a monopoly on toy balls? This wiggly ball cat toy is one of our favorite interactive cat toys and our felines love it, too! Equipped with a soft 8" long tail, this cat toy ball mimics a cat's usual prey. It bounces really high as its tail wiggles behind it, immediately grabbing the attention of your feisty feline. Handcrafted by cat lovers for cat lovers, it keeps your cat's hunting skills sharp!  

4. SmartyCat Concealed Toy

This cat toy was a hit with both my kitten and my adult cat. A feather toy automatically moves under a round patch of fabric, triggering the hunter instincts of your cat. The toy comes with a spare feathered toy (the first one will most likely get destroyed in a few months). There are different speed levels you can set, matching the activity level of your cat.

5. Flying Butterfly

This is one of the toys for playful cats with a relatively short life. My cat destroyed half of the butterfly after a few weeks. However, the toy still works and is a definite attention-grabber, especially for kittens!

6. Catch the Mouse Toy

Full disclosure here – this cat toy was a hit for my energetic kitten, but my old cat was less than impressed. If you are looking for toys for playful cats, this one will definitely grab their attention. However, if you are trying to get a cat to be more active, it will probably not do the trick. My one-year-old kittens, though, loves it and plays with it regularly!

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