7 Easy Ways to Hide a Cat Litter Box

The litter box, a.k.a. a cat’s owner daily nightmare! It can get smelly, messy, and a pain to clean! On top of it all, it can completely ruin your attempts at having a stylish bathroom or an organized laundry room! I am embarrassed to admit that I spent the first 6 months of owning a cat struggling with an open top litter box in my bathroom. Cat litter was everywhere and one night I was just about to lose it and give up on cleaning the bathroom when I discovered the miracle of closed litter boxes. Not only are they super easy to clean, but also come in a variety of neat designs that complement your home decor. Here I have listed 7 easy ways to hide a cat litter box and keep everything clean using closed litter boxes.

  1. In the Bathroom Cabinet

Most of us prefer keeping the litter box in the bathroom. It makes it easier to clean and contains the smell. A great way to hide a cat litter box in the bathroom is enclosing it in the bathroom cabinet. Simply make a hole in the cabinet and place the litter box inside.

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  1. Under the Sink

If you are looking for something even easier, opt for the under-the-sink hidden cat litter box. Use a skirt around your sink to hide the litter box under it.

  1. Closed Litter Box Side Table

When we got our second cat we needed an extra litter box and my bathroom was already full of litter boxes (I am a cat lady, I know!) The next best option was keeping the litter box in our entry way. To do that we picked a side table litter box hider. It comes in a variety of different colors on Amazon and is worth every penny. Another benefit is that this litter box furniture gives you an additional side table you can use for decoration.

  1. Closed Litter Box Ottoman

Another cool way to hide a cat litter box in your entry way is using an ottoman bench. This idea is similar to the bathroom cabinet trick – you only need to make a hole for your cat and place the litter box inside the ottoman bench.

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  1. In a Chest

Boxes and chests also come in handy when hiding your cat’s litter box. The material of the box or the chest doesn’t matter, but make sure you use a liner for the bottom – it will make cleaning easier. You will need a hole that fits your kitty and you are good to go. This trick is also the cheapest option out there, especially if you opt for a regular cardboard box. It will even be cheaper (and prettier) than most of the plastic closed litter boxes they sell in the stores.

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  1. Recycled Wine Case Litter Box

This idea combines two of my favorite things – cats and wine. You need two wooden wine crates placed on top of each other. One side of the crates is hinged and the bottom crate is lined for easy clean up.

  1. Plant Pot Litter Box

You can also hide a cat litter box in the most unsuspecting of things and confuse everyone except your cat! A fake flower pot can be used to conceal the little stinker and save your home décor mojo. You can find it on Amazon and solve your cat litter headaches with a click.

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