8 Fun Benefits of Having a Cat

benefits of owning a cat

Owning a cat has a lot of perks, which is why so many of us are completely obsessed with their felines. Here are some of the funnier benefits of having a cat that any cat owner can relate to.

  1. Soothing purrs

Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of a happy purring cat? No, we didn’t think so either! In addition to being a sign of love and affection, purring is shown to reduce stress and anxiety in humans.

  1. Enjoying lazy mornings

A cat’s owner biggest nightmare is the thought of waking up at the crack of dawn to take a dog for a walk. Luckily, having a cat allows you to enjoy lazy mornings in bed with a furry leg warmer. A way better alternative to morning walks!

  1. Easy weekend getaways

Cats are independent and self-sufficient animals, so cat owners can enjoy weekend getaways without the hassle. All you need to do is leave plenty of food and water, and an extra litter box. You can take a short weekend trip and be greeted by a loving cat upon your return.

  1. No bugs in the house

Bugs in the house last for a total of 5 minutes before being chased down by our cat. This has solved two problems - flies inside the house in the summertime and getting our cat to exercise.

  1. Low-maintenance but fluffy

Being a low-maintenance pet is another advantage of owning a cat. It takes less than 15 minutes to feed a cat, make sure there is fresh water, and take care of the litter box. In addition, cats do not seek the constant attention dogs often enjoy. This makes them very easy to take care of, on par with fish or hamsters. However, cats are softer, fluffier, and a lot more fun, which makes them a better alternative!

  1. Reduces your carbon footprint

The benefits of owning a cat also apply to the environment. A 2009 study found that the carbon footprint of feeding a dog is similar to that of owning a Hummer. Having a cat, on the other hand, resulted in the same eco-footprint as driving a VW Golf.

  1. Pushes you to regularly refresh in home décor

Cats want to make sure we stay up to date on all the home décor trends. This is why they take extra time to scratch couches, arm chairs, and carpets. Add to that the occasional broken vase, glass, and dust-collecting figurine, and you have your cat showing you that it is time to remodel.

  1. Makes you appreciate the holidays even more

Every time you put your holiday decoration, your cat makes it her mission to show you the variety of ways you can take it down later on. Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can always trust the expert opinion of your feline. Ornaments that should not be displayed are immediately shattered. Just keeping the Christmas tree up until Christmas is a big achievement. All of this just makes us appreciate all the photos we are able to take before the cat’s intervention!

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