Cat Personalities: What Are the Typical Traits of 5 Most Common Cat Types

Just like people, different cats have different personalities. Breeding through the years has resulted in specific personality types associated with certain cats. If you are considering getting a cat, or just trying to better understand the cat you already have, here are the typical cat personalities of the 5 most common cat types.

  1. Tabby Cat Personality
tabby cat personality

The tabby is the most common type of domesticated cat. It is easily distinguished by the spotting on its fur and the M-shaped pattern on its forehead. Tabby cats tend to be very loving and adjust well to living with humans. They tend to select their favorite human from the pack, so don’t be surprised if your tabby is particularly affectionate to one member of the family. They also develop a preference to things and may get annoyed if denied access to their favorite room, blanket, or a piece of furniture.

  1. Calico Cat Personality
calico cat personality

Calico cats have a distinct pattern that features three colors in a color block scheme. Calico cats are almost always female. This is because the genes that determine their color pattern are carried by the X chromosome. Calico cats are believed to be affectionate and good with children. They are described as intelligent and some have been credited for protecting their humans and kittens from threats.

  1. Persian Cat Personality
Persian cat personality

Unlike Calico and Tabby, which are based on the cat’s color pattern and are not specific breed, Persian cats have a long breeding tradition. The breed originated in Mesopotamia and is very popular all over the world. Persian cats are of medium size and can be recognized by their large round head and eyes, their short nose, and fluffy long fur. Persian cats are quiet and affectionate. They make for great lap cats. However, just like the tabbies, they often pick a specific human who they deem worthy of their affection and may not pay much attention to the rest of the family.

  1. Siamese Cat Personality
Siamese cat personality

Siamese cats are cats with attitude. They are active, playful, and intelligent. Siamese cats also tend to be more talkative, so be prepared for regular meowing if you have one of these kitties. These cats are very affectionate and will often follow their humans around just to make sure they stay out of trouble. Because Siamese cats are more energetic and social, make sure you are able to find time to socialize and play with them regularly.

  1. Maine Coon Cat Personality
Maine coon cat personality

The Maine Coon breed originated in New England. They tend to be large, with males reaching up to 18 pounds (compared to about 9 pounds for a regular house cat). Maine Coons are affectionate just like the Siamese cats, but unlike their sandy-colored cousins, Maine Coons will not demand attention. Although not usually a lap cat, the Maine Coon enjoys being around people and adjusts well to living with a family. A natural mouse hunter, the Maine Coon retains his hunting skills and can even be taught to chase, catch, and retrieve a ball for you.

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