Why Does My Cat Like My Feet?

Why Does My Cat Like My Feet

Cats and feet - sometimes these two go together like cats and boxes! If your kitty cat loves your toes, rubs on your shoes and loves to be around your feet, you might find this behavior funny and a bit bizarre. However, there are some very good reasons why your cat likes your feet! Here's a few:

1. All the Smells

Whenever you go out, your feet and shoes pick up a lot of the smells of the outside world. From other animals to plants, people, places, they are a petri dish of scents. This, of course, is very intriguing to a cat, especially if she stays indoors. It is only natural for your cat to be curious and to want to investigate all these foreign smells.

2. Marking Her Territory

Through your shoes, you bring new scents into your home - i.e. your cat's den. Now your cat has to "override" them with her own scent - "re-mark" the territory as her own. This can explain the rubbing on shoes you often see! Your kitty cat just wants to make sure that she is the king of the castle!

3. Ease of Access

Imagine that your cat wants to be petted - how would she communicate this? One option is to meow, the other is to gently nudge your feet to get some attention. Your feet and toes are on her level, so it makes it easy for her to reach them!

4. Fun to Hunt

If your cat pounces whenever you move your feet under the blanket or gently bats and nibbles on your toes, rest assured that she is working on her hunting skills. Your toes fascinate her because they resemble toys or prey. She switches to hunter mode and attacks!

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